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Why I fight for Georgia Students and Teachers

Y'all, I am sick and tired of our legislature trying to control teachers and maintain a status quo of inequality and inequity in Georgia through its schools. We have communities of folks that represent students in Georgia that can help us know what we can do to support students and teachers that are facing harmful legislation.

We have to hold our elected officials accountable.

I am fighting to support the mental health needs of vulnerable students, protect teaching the truth, fight for teachers to be paid as professionals, increase the use of restorative justice practices for students, fight for students with disabilities to get the free and appropriate education schools are required to provide, and get Georgia's school funding formula changed. 


Join me in this fight, because together we are strong, and we can get things done!


Currey Hitchens

Protecting and empowering children. 
Respecting teachers.
Teaching truth.


Currey Hitchens, POB 972, Decatur, GA 30031


Twitter @Currey4GA 

Instagram @currey4GA

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